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Kristian Sand:

God created nature to work its way through the pattern of seasons. Seasons are structured into nature. Seasons are God’s idea and His design. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we can discover many spiritual lessons of His wisdom from studying how nature functions. Each season has its typical characteristics and each teaches us spiritual principles for life and growth. They look, sound, taste and work very differently - just like natural seasons. What does a spiritual winter look like? What about a spring? Fruit is produced after nature has passed through 4 seasons. In this book, God’s times and seasons are being explained from many different perspectives: From the life of Jesus, from what the Word of God teaches on this subject, from the life of the farmer,
from how personal prophecies often reveal God’s seasons in our lives and finally, from how God has worked in our personal lives. As you reflect on this message, you will start to discern God’s seasons in your spiritual life. May this book inspire you to recognize His work in different seasons, welcome it and see His fulfillment in each one of them!

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Kristian Sand:

Manipulation is a very common problem, but very little is said about it. It is a dark art practiced by many crafty and selfish people, who find hidden ways to take advantage of others. The victim suddenly wakes up and finds out that he has lost something very precious, but is not aware of how he was taken advantage of. He realizes it when it is too late to protect himself. Now he lives like a person who watches the film of his life being played out in front of his eyes, but lacks the power to influence the development of the story. What is so hard about this problem is that it is so close to us. It has crept into marriages, families, schools, workplaces, national and international politics. God never uses manipulation in His dealings with man, for manipulation is a selfish trick.
Most victims have never had a person to protect their interests against the manipulator. I have lived and suffered under this problem most of my life and found tragically little help from books. It is high time the manipulated person finds somebody that will protect and guide him! Jesus wants to open your eyes to this influence and set you free!

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Kristian Sand:

There are millions of people that are deeply wounded by a sense of not being wanted, respected, valued & accepted. Even many Christians have a very poor understanding of their own emotion-al needs and of the way to healing & wholeness through Christ. Many have only an impersonal or theoretic understanding of the love of Father God. As you read through this book I believe you will know deep in your heart how much He loves you personally! God wants to fill your “love-tank” with His love & presence, so your empty, wounded and cold heart can be embraced for now and forever! Read and gain understanding how knowing God intimately as your own Father will heal wounds, fill empty plac-es and give you a completely new image of yourself as a child of God.

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Heidi Sand-Hart:

HOME KEEPS MOVING follows Heidi and her missionary family on their many moves through the eyes of a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and the unique phenomena of having four very di† erent home countries to relate to. It tells the true story of being catapulted from continent to continent constantly: leaving friends and starting all over again, her unquenchable search for a ‘home’ and sense of belonging in this world, her desire for a life-partner with the odds all but against her due to constantly relocating (even into adulthood). You will laugh and cry along with Heidi as she recounts hilarious and heart-breaking tales from her childhood as West blends with East.

That is the true beauty of Heidi’s upbringing, it crossed borders and defi ed logic but she lacked for nothing.

HOME KEEPS MOVING tackles subjects such as:

• Confused Loyalties
• “Home”
• Grief
• Education
• Social Pressures
• Religion
• Expectation
• Re-Entry
• Rebellion
• Relationships

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Kristian Sand:

Ritva and Kristian Sand share with you what they have learnt in the ”Bible School of Life”. The book is full of personal testimonies and teaching. Are you ready to join them on a journey of faith? Then, let us go!

From the foreword by P.G.Vagis:
”Yes, take this book, go to your prayer room and meet God there again and again through these pages. Your faith will increase. Your life will never be the same. This is good, very good!” (113 small pages)

Price: 5 €


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Kristian Sand:

* Look to God for His marriage partner?
* Want to know how God speaks to you?
* Want to know how He guides you?
* Want to end up marrying in God’s will?

Ritva and Kristian Sand share with you their own amazing testimony how God led them together. Afterwards they teach you how you also can know and experience a ”Divine Marriage Appointment”! (52 pages)

Price: 4 €

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Kristian Sand:

Do you have a deep desire to know and follow the destiny you have in Christ? He has a detailed plan for your life that He longs to draw you into. Kristian & Ritva Sand share in this book many amazing personal testimonies of God’s speaking, guidance and dealings – plus much practical teaching from the Word of God. (309)

- Discern the voice of God to you personally.
- Be led by the Holy Spirit.
- Understand and follow the plan God has for your life.
- Make decisions according to the will of God.
- Live a life of blessed obedience.

Price: 15 €

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Kristian Sand:

Have you started to make use of the awesome power of prayer in your Christian life yet? God seeks to draw you into a life of personal prayer & blessing others through intercession. (177 pages)

- Develop a strong prayer life.
- Understand 31 different kinds of prayers!
- Become an effective intercessor.
- Change the spiritual destiny of places.
- Become a spiritual warrior that overcomes demons.

Price: 12 €

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Kristian Sand:

Have you started to make use of the awesome power of prophecy in your Christian life yet? We invite you into the discovery of a truly prophetic life-style! Kristian Sand shares 31 personal testimonies of prophecies that have come to fulfillment in his life – plus lots of practical teaching from the Bible. (309 pages)

- Develop understanding of personal prophecy.
- Understand how all prophecies can be fulfilled in your life.
- See how pastors & prophets can fit together.
- Discover how prophecy shall operate in your church.
- Become a prophet that excels in his ministry.

Price: 15 €

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Kristian Sand:

This is an autobiography by the Sand family about their lives & ministry in India. For various reasons we could not publish much concerning this work previously, so this is a chance for all that are interested to find out what God has been doing through us. The story of how God led us to India shows how warmly the heavenly father leads His children. It also shows some of the progress we have seen in bringing the Gospel to still unreached peoples & tribes in India. (146 pages. Price - £ 6 plus postage.)

From the Foreword written by a Norwegian mission leader, Oddvar Johansen:

“The story how God called Ritva and Kristian Sand to India, and how they have been fulfilling their vision, despite difficulties and setbacks, is a story of great courage. It is a story every new missionary should read as part of his or her preparations for the mission-field. I recommend this book to everyone, and hope it will bless you as much as it has blessed me. “

Price: 10 €

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